Graduation date Thesis Publications New affiliation
Arash Pourtaherian 2018-09-26 Robust needle detection and visualization for 3D ultrasound image-guided interventions papers TU/e VCA
Fons van der Sommen 2017-11-15 Computer-Aided Detection of Early Barrett's Cancer papers TU/e VCA
Kostas Triantafyllidis 2017-04-18 Automated design space exploration for component-based real-time distributed systems papers TNO-ESI
Lykele Hazelhoff 2016-09-29 Automatic Recognition System for surveying of Traffic Signs and Road Markings from Street-level Panoramic Images papers Apple
Ivo Creusen 2016-09-29 Automatic Recognition System for surveying of Traffic Signs and Road Markings from Street-level Panoramic Images papers Google
Onno Eerenberg 2015-12-09 Signal Processing for Improved MPEG-based Communication Systems papers Avans
Marijn Loomans 2014-12-15 Real-time Scalable Video Coding for Surveillance Applications on Embedded Architectures papers Baker Huges
Rob Wijnhoven 2013-11-25 Object Categorization and Detection and their Application in Surveillance papers ViNotion B.V.
Goran Petrovic 2013-07-01 Efficient 3D video streaming papers Intel Visual Computing Institute
Rudolph Snoeren 2012-11-15 Physics-based optimization of image quality in 3D X-ray flat-panel cone-beam imaging papers
Chrysi Papalazarou 2012-08-23 3D Object Reconstruction in Image-guided Interventions Using Multi-view X-ray papers Philips Research
Sacha Cvetkovic 2011-12-08 Optimization of video capturing and tone mapping in video camera systems papers
Ping Li 2011-10-31 Acquiring 3D scene information from 2D images papers
Weilun Lao 2011-10-12 Fast human behavior analysis for scene understanding papers
Rob Albers 2010-12-16 Modeling and control of image processing for interventional X-ray papers
Egor Bondarev 2009-12-22 Design-time performance analysis of component-based real-time systems papers TU/e VCA
Yannick Morvan 2009-04-09 Acquisition, compression and rendering of depth and texture for multi-view video papers
Milan Pastrnak 2008-01-24 Performance and QoS-aware MPEG-4 video-object coding for multiprocessor architecture papers Philips Research
Fei Zuo 2006-10-03 Embedded face recognition using cascaded structures papers Philips Research
Dirk Farin 2005-12-15 Automatic video segmentation employing object/camera modeling techniques papers Robert Bosch GmbH
Stephan Mietens 2004-02-18 Complexity scalable MPEG encoding papers Robert Bosch GmbH
Egbert Jaspers 2003-04-24 Architecture design of video processing systems on a chip papers ViNotion B.V.
Mihaela van der Schaar 2001-12-19 System and network constrained scalable video compression University of California Los Angeles