Dense-HOG-Based Drift-Reduced 3D Face Tracking for Infant Pain Monitoring

TitleDense-HOG-Based Drift-Reduced 3D Face Tracking for Infant Pain Monitoring
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSaeijs, RWJJ, Ten, WETjon a, de With, PHN
Conference NameInt. Conf. Machine Vision
PublisherSPIE Digital Library
Conference LocationNice (France)
Keywordscylinder head model, dense HOG, face tracking, pain monitoring

This paper presents a new algorithm for 3D face tracking intended
for clinical infant pain monitoring under challenging conditions. The
algorithm uses a cylinder head model and head pose recovery by
alignment of dynamically extracted templates based on dense-HOG
features. The algorithm is motivated from the application context
and compared with a variant based on intensities. The paper reports
experimental results on videos of moving infants in hospital who are
relaxed or in pain. Results show good short-term tracking behavior
for poses up to 50 degrees from upright-frontal, with significantly
higher accuracy resulting from the use of dense-HOG features.