Floris Remmen

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Floris Remmen
PhD. Candidate

Floris Remmen is a full-time PhD researcher at the VCA group in the University of Technology Eindhoven, working on a collaboration project with MapScape (NavInfo), which is focused on HD map-making. Moreover, he aims to describe relative localization using deep learning architectures and data gathered by off-the-shelf sensors. His interests are spread among various fields, but the automotive sector is where his heart lies. More specifically, applying deep learning and machine learning approaches to achieve new, smart solutions that can process knowledge of their environment. Floris is dual nationality: both Belgian and Dutch. After graduating at the University of Antwerp in 2013, he continued his studies at the University of Technology Eindhoven, in which he got a second masters in Automotive Engineering by 2017. His focus changed from mechanical and electrical engineering to computer science and deep learning during his thesis project at TNO, where he devised a system that was able to predict a so called cut-in scenario in highway conditions using machine learning algorithms and real-life driving data. Some of his other interests involve hiking, skating and snowboarding, but also gaming and helping out where he can in his local youth movement.