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Egor Bondarev
Assistant Professor

Egor Bondarev received his MSc degree in robotics and informatics at the State Polytechnic University, Belarus Republic, in 1997. In the period 1997-2001 he was working as an engineer at Invention Machine Corp in the AI area with a focus on automated semantic constructions. In 2009 he has obtained his PhD degree in Computer Science Department at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), The Netherlands in the domain of performance predictions of real-time component-based systems on multiprocessor architectures. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor at the Video Coding Architectures (VCA) group, TU/e, focusing on such research areas as surveillance by multi-modal sensor fusion and photorealistic 3D reconstruction. He is active in TUE education agenda, giving courses on Computer Architecture and lectures on Advanced Embedded Vision for bachelor and master students. Besides this, his research results in numerous journal and IEEE conference publications. Egor Bondarev has a long track record in large European research projects, such as Trust4All, Space4U, iGlance, OMECA, PANORAMA and APPS. Currently, he is a TU/e project leader in the PANORAMA and APPs projects, both addressing challenges of video content analysis, sensor fusion and 3D reconstruction of arbitrary environments.