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Antoine Bernas

Antoine Bernas was born in Avignon, in France. In September 2012, for the last year of his master's degree, he went to Sherbrooke University, CA., where he studied bio-medical technology, especially in the field of brain imaging and neuroscience. In May 2013, he moved in the Netherlands and joined the VCA group for his master's thesis entitled "Resting-state fMRI analysis in adolescent with high-functioning autism" . After obtaining his Master in computer science and electrical engineering from ISEN (Engineering School in Brest, FR), he accepted, in February 2014, the post-master position (PDEng program in heathcare system design) in the VCA group. Since then, Antoine works on neurodynamics and its clinical applications in close collaboration with Kempenhaeghe Epilepsy center, in Heeze, NL.