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Debby Klooster
PhD. Candidate

My name is Debby Klooster (1988). I studied BioMedical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology. During the master program, I went to Melbourne (Australia) for a three month internship in the clinical neurophysiology department headed by Prof. Cook (daily supervisor Dr. Vogrin). During my final master project, I focused on EEG-fMRI analysis of epilepsy patients in a collaborational project with Kempenhaeghe (Heeze). Later, I enrolled in a post-master program called Qualified Medical Engineering (PDEng, TU/e and Kempenhaeghe). During this two-year program, my interest in brain stimulation was triggered, mainly by a three month internship in the stimulation lab of Prof. Pascual-Leone in Boston (daily supervisor Dr. Shafi). In 2014, I joined the VCA lab as a PhD candidate. My PhD project focuses on the mechanism of action of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). The project is a close collaboration between TU/e, Kempenhaeghe and the university hospital Ghent (Belgium) and is supervised by Prof. Aldenkamp (TU/e, UZ Gent) en Prof. Boon (UZ Gent).