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5LSE0 (2022) Multimedia Video Coding and Architectures

Learn the power of signal transformations for video compression and analysis techniques.

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5LSE0 (2021) Multimedia video coding and architectures

Learn the power of signal transformations and exploit the concept of condensing information

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5LSM0 (2021) Convolutional neural networks for computer vision

Introduction into the end-to-end machine learning approach for the automatic interpretation of visual content: image classification, semantic segmentation, object detection, and more.

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5XSA0 (2020) Introduction to Medical Imaging

Become acquainted with the implementation of image filtering in the spatial and frequency domain, the application of image restoration and color image processing algorithms, finding image attributes and features, controlling segmentation parameters for obtaining optimal results and gain a basic…

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5XSF0 (2020) Sport, Technology and Behaviour

Become acquainted with the theory and main concepts of digital signal and analysis; make a choice of an approach for a given basic signal/image processing problem; implement the chosen approach in MATLAB and critically evaluate the result; be able to operationalize theoretical concepts from…

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